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The Boulder County 10-year Plan Goals, Objectives and Strategies

The following section describes the selected goals, objectives and strategies of the Boulder County Plan.  The larger concept of the plan’s approach is reflected in the graphic below.

As observed at the top of the graphic, the overarching goal is to decrease the amount and severity of homelessness, leading to permanent and sustainable outcomes.   The plan identifies three targeted populations; at-risk, temporary and chronic homeless.  While the populations share some common needs, efforts are tailored and targeted using a “right service at the right time” approach. The ability to provide the most appropriate services is reliant the implementation of a responsive and managed support system that includes case management, open communication across the service system and coordinated service delivery.  Finally, the success of the plan is dependent on garnering strong community support, advocacy efforts and the establishment of a responsive governance structure.  The section below outlines each of the goal areas of the plan in greater detail with description of related strategies.

Goal 1: Prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless

Goal 2: Provide temporary shelter, alternative housing and supportive services for those who are temporarily homeless

Goal 3:  Provide permanent housing with supportive services to meet the long-term needs of chronic homeless individuals

Goal 4: Develop and/or Improve Systems to Support Efficient and Effective Plan Implementation

Goal 5: Promote Public Awareness and Advocacy

Goal 6: Implement an Effective Governance and Staffing Structure