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Addressing the Needs of the Homeless in Boulder County

Attempts to address complex social issues often struggle in the face of limited resources.  The Boulder County Plan to end Homelessness is ambitious and will almost certainly require additional financial support to be successful.  While there is much in place to begin addressing the problem, existing systems, resources and programs must also serve multiple social problems and, unfortunately, cannot simply focus on solving this single issue.    

An important feature of this plan is that it helps to identify and prioritize key areas of need so that efforts to secure resources are deliberate and, once obtained, can be strategically applied to plan objectives.   In addition, the plan identifies strengths within the current system that can be leveraged, better coordinated or re-focused without the need for significant dollar investments.  Given the scarcity of resources, it is critical that efforts are made to build upon and align current service delivery to meet the needs of the homeless while exploring opportunities to access additional resources to address the problem over the long term.  The following discussion outlines some of the identified needs in the county that will be addressed through the plan.  

Preventing Homelessness

Increasing the Capacity to Meet Short and Long Term Housing Needs

Expanding Access to Mental Health, Substance Abuse and other Supportive Services

Improving Infrastructure and the Coordination of Service Delivery

Keeping the Community Engaged

Ensuring Successful Implementation