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Keeping the Community Engaged

The plan outlines a clear and effective approach for impacting Homelessness across the County.  However, overall success will be at least partially dependent on the participation of a broad range of stakeholders including non-profit service providers, business leaders, county and municipal government officials, community residents, law enforcement and homeless individuals and families.   What became clear in the planning process was that participants shared but also disagreed in some fundamental areas about how to approach problem solving efforts.  This, no doubt, also plays out across the broader community.  One need look no further than the debates occurring at the time of this plan’s writing about how to deal with camping tickets in the City of Boulder.

Yet, it is possible to garner the support of diverse stakeholders to help with the plan’s implementation. Though there may not always be agreement about specific strategies, many will find common cause with the ultimate aims of the plan.  This is critical as the plan will require ongoing support of these stakeholders groups as well as concrete investments of time and resources from community funding partners.

In order to help keep the various stakeholders groups informed and at the table, the plan outlines a number of information dissemination efforts.  This includes use of HMIS data to support reporting of program activities and outcomes, development of a website to centralize and disseminate information on plan activities, and creation of a legislative agenda that will help to sustain support within the political environment.

Preventing Homelessness

Increasing the Capacity to Meet Short and Long Term Housing Needs

Expanding Access to Mental Health, Substance Abuse and other Supportive Services

Improving Infrastructure and the Coordination of Service Delivery

Ensuring Successful Implementation