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Ensuring Successful Implementation

Planning processes, such as this, are met with a great deal of creative energy and effort which culminates in the creation of a final document.  Once developed, however the reality of implementation begins to set in, which typically requires even more sustained energy and dedication.  Implementation efforts for homeless plans require a responsive governance structure, dedicated staff leadership, broad-based community support, and a sustained commitment (i.e., ten years) to implementing the plan’s strategies, monitoring efforts, and making adjustments along the way. 

While government agency and non-profit staff are over-worked in the best of times, current pressures on state and local budgets and their downstream effects on non-profit agencies has made it that much more difficult to devote resources to the management of complex plans such as this.  The governance structure goal of this plan outlines an effective means of supporting all facets of the plan’s implementation process.

Preventing Homelessness

Increasing the Capacity to Meet Short and Long Term Housing Needs

Expanding Access to Mental Health, Substance Abuse and other Supportive Services

Improving Infrastructure and the Coordination of Service Delivery

Keeping the Community Engaged