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The Boulder County 10-year Plan Goals, Objectives and Strategies

GOAL 6: Implement an Effective Governance and Staffing Structure

Given the comprehensiveness of the plan and the complex array of strategies, it will be necessary to put in place a multi-tiered governance structure to oversee and guide implementation efforts.  In the early stages of implementation, a leadership group will be organized to support implementation of the prioritized areas in the plan, under the direction of a key staff person assigned to oversee the implementation process.  These efforts will be further supported thorough the ongoing participation of Advisory Committee members, expanded to ensure broader community participation.  These group members will so be responsible for exploring financing opportunities that can be used to support higher cost items in the plan, such as the creation of more permanent supportive housing.  As the years progress, the governance structure will be expanded to include subcommittees that oversee resource allocation, public communications and plan evaluation.   Strategies for this Goal include:

  • Identify an individual whose primary responsibility will be to guide overall implementation of the plan. This individual will likely be a staff person of the Boulder County Community Service Department.
  • Orient the Human Service Strategic Plan (HSSP) Steering Committee to the plan and utilize this group to oversee plan implementation.  This group was chosen given their connection to similar efforts and their ability to integrate the Homeless plan with efforts of the HSSP.
  •  Utilize the existing Advisory Committee with an expanded membership to providing ongoing support and guidance to the plan. This group is already highly invested in the defined strategies and is represented by the primary service providers across the County.
  • Over time, develop additional subcommittees to oversee various areas of the implementation process. This will be particularly important for the allocation of resources given relationship between service providers.

Goals, Objectives and Strategies to implement an effective Governance and Staffing Structure

Objective 1: Develop leadership groups and supportive committees to ensure effective plan implementation and the development of adaptive changes over time.




Identify a staff person to oversee the plan’s implementation who is supervised by the Boulder County Community Services Department.


Utilize the existing Human Services Strategic Plan Steering Committee to oversee the implementation of the plan.


Expand the membership of the Boulder County Homeless Plan Development Advisory Committee and have this group assist with plan implementation and oversight.


Develop, as needed, sub-committees that focus on fundraising, fund allocation processes, community awareness and plan evaluation.

Goal 1: Prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless

Goal 2: Provide temporary shelter, alternative housing and supportive services for those who are temporarily homeless

Goal 3:  Provide permanent housing with supportive services to meet the long-term needs of chronic homeless individuals

Goal 4: Develop and/or Improve Systems to Support Efficient and Effective Plan Implementation

Goal 5: Promote Public Awareness and Advocacy