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The Boulder County 10-year Plan Goals, Objectives and Strategies

GOAL 5: Promote Public Awareness and Advocacy

This ambitious plan will not likely be successful without broad-based support across multiple segments of the community.  This is due, in part, to the complex nature of the problem as well as the need to mobilize a variety of sectors to help with the plan’s implementation.  Identified partners include non-profit service providers, the business community, homeless activists, the local press, as well as community resident and homeless individuals. In addition, it is expected that that community members will become increasingly interested in plan efforts and resource utilization over successive years of implementation.

The strategies in this area focus on a number of outreach areas and communication strategies to support ongoing engagement with the community.  Strategies include:

  • Institute methods of coordination with other city and county government partners, particularly the Housing and Human Services Department, to help align resources with the plan’s objectives.
  • Conduct outreach to the broader community, including the business community and property owners to explore opportunities for plan support.
  • Develop a website and utilize data collected through the evaluation and other information systems to promote the plans activities and accomplishments
  • Develop a legislative agenda and coordinate efforts on a regional basis in order to         broaden support for the plan and leverage additional partners.

Goals, Objectives and Strategies to promote public awareness and advocacy

Objective 1: Develop and implement communication strategies with local partners to engage the broader community in efforts to impact homelessness.




Coordinate with Housing and Humans Services and other key agency partners to identify ways in which they can expand their role by prioritizing resources in support of the housing needs listed in this plan.


Outreach to property owners, managers and community stakeholders to build relationships that help with plan implementation.


Use HMIS data and data collected by other agencies and homeless service providers to educate the public on the 10 year plan and its progress.


Develop and utilize a Boulder County Homeless Project website to describe the plan and ongoing successes.

Objective 2: Coordinate efforts with policy leaders and related homeless efforts to ensure more effective and sustained plan implementation.




Develop an annual legislative agenda for local policy makers to help support implementation of the plan.


Coordinate advocacy efforts with other homeless projects in the region, including MDHI and other municipalities.

Goal 1: Prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless

Goal 2: Provide temporary shelter, alternative housing and supportive services for those who are temporarily homeless

Goal 3:  Provide permanent housing with supportive services to meet the long-term needs of chronic homeless individuals

Goal 4: Develop and/or Improve Systems to Support Efficient and Effective Plan Implementation

Goal 6: Implement an Effective Governance and Staffing Structure