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The Boulder County 10-year Plan Goals, Objectives and Strategies

GOAL 4: Develop and/or Improve Systems to Support Efficient and Effective Plan Implementation

In recent years, Boulder County has implemented a number of efforts that will greatly aid in this plan’s implementation.  The Human Services Strategic Plan and the LHOT 10-year Plan to End Homelessness, for example, aided greatly in the development of this plan’s contents and were instrumental in getting the right partners to the table. Recent efforts to implement components of those plans has led to the creation of critical systems and infrastructure that will be extremely valuable in supporting this plan’s goals and objectives without requiring significant financial investments.

This goal is focused on the furthering the development of systems that are critical for the performance of the larger plan.  The critical areas include:

  • Further refinement of an outreach model that is based on an evidence based theory of practice that can be adopted by both providers.
  • Further establish and disseminate a standard case management model that will help support the provision of services to all homeless plan participants.
  • Develop data sharing agreements and processes that will assist organizations in coordinating their service delivery and give case managers the information they need to better support participants.
  • Implement a standard management information system that can be used to support case planning, service monitoring, the assessment of accomplishments and the promotion of information sharing across providers.


 Goals, Objectives and Strategies to improve and implement systems to support efficient and effective plan implementation

Objective 1: Develop systems and infrastructure needed to support effective service delivery, cross-agency coordination and improved outcomes for homeless individuals and families.




Examine evidence-based outreach models and worker training needs (e.g., mental health competencies) and modify efforts as appropriate, including the development of common standards, procedures and data collection forms.


Ensure that all case managers, countywide, have training in evidence-based case management techniques.


Create a MOU/release process that allows agencies, county-wide, to share basic client data to improve the coordination of service delivery.


Implement a county-wide database to track client data to support service delivery and communication between providers.

Goal 1: Prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless

Goal 2: Provide temporary shelter, alternative housing and supportive services for those who are temporarily homeless

Goal 3:  Provide permanent housing with supportive services to meet the long-term needs of chronic homeless individuals

Goal 5: Promote Public Awareness and Advocacy

Goal 6: Implement an Effective Governance and Staffing Structure