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The Way Forward-Discussion of the proposed approach

Values Underlying the Plan

The Advisory Committee and Leadership Team discussed the importance of identifying a core set of values that could help guide and support the plan development process.   An exploration of group values, however, revealed the existence of differing value sets across members, and some of these were observed to be incongruous.  The ultimate importance of this exercise was to help surface tensions between different values in relation to addressing homelessness (e.g., everyone deserves a warm place to stay vs. the need to prioritize resource utilization; prioritizing the needs of individuals vs. those of the larger community) as these would, in turn, influence the selection of plan goals, objectives and strategies.

Despite some of these differences, there was unanimous agreement about the importance of doing something comprehensive and significant to help homeless individuals and families.   Many of the values discussed by the two groups were, coincidentally, reflected in both the County’s Human Services Strategic Plan (HSSP) and LHOT’s draft plan to end homelessness:

A value of respecting the strength and dignity of individuals

  • Our human services system recognizes, respects, and builds on the strengths of individuals, families, and communities (HSSP).
  •  We value the innate dignity of an individual and believe that everyone deserves a safe home in which to live. (LHOT).

A value of advancing self-sufficiency and independence

  • Our human services system values moving people along the continuum toward self-sufficiency or stability, while providing ongoing support to those who need it in a manner that promotes maximum independence (HSSP).
  • The community should always be leading people to self-sufficiency and independence, not to reliance and dependence. (LHOT).

A value of using resources wisely within a coordinated and collaborative system

  • Our human services system values and promotes collaboration and coordination on every level including among local governments, private funders, non-profit community organizations, and our residents and consumers (HSSP).
  • We value partnering for progress to successfully address needs and gaps, prevent the duplication of services, and implement strategies that will eliminate homelessness and the root causes of homelessness (LHOT).

These values are infused throughout plan areas and they will continue to provide a critical lens through which implementation and later modification efforts are judged.

The Plan's Implementation Model:Housing First

Why Housing First?